01 January, 2010

The Enchanted Woods of Loch Maree

Happy New Year to everyone. The year has turned, the solstice is ten days past, and the days are - just - perceptibly lengthening towards the distant spring. As a reminder of spring to come, here are some pictures of the woods along the north side of the Kinlochewe River and Loch Maree in the North-West Highlands of Scotland, taken in early May 2009.

For a location map, click here. Starting at the car park near the school in Incheril (south-east corner of the map, if I have got the link right), the path runs along the north bank of the Kinlochewe River and then the north shore of Loch Maree.

Not only is it the approach route to the mountain of Slioch (which was our destination and which I may post more about later), it's a beautiful walk in its own right. All along the north shore of the river and loch are stands of old woodland, cloaked in velvet moss and starred with primroses on a bright spring day. It's an enchanting place, the sort of wood that really ought to have fairies living in it.

Sunlight in the woods

The path climbs to cross a knoll, with the Kinlochewe River below

A not-quite fallen tree leans out over the river

Cute little pony in the pastures near Incheril


Misfit said...

I am ready for a spring walk and right now, let alone taking the pony home with me. Although I think the cats might not be too thrilled :)

Jen Black said...

One of my most favourite areas , Carla. Didn't you see the fairies? or did I make them up? Lots of happy memories evoked by your pics,
Oh - Happy New Year!

Bernita said...

Reminds one that "the heart is highland and we in dreams behold..."

Rick said...

The green grass looks like our hills now, after a good December rain.

Constance Brewer said...

You even get a pony? No fair! :) Lots of plot bunnies in that area.

Gabriele Campbell said...

Beautiful spring photos. I wish I could travel to Scotland again, a part of be belong there.

I got snow pic. :)

Kathryn Warner said...

Happy New Year, Carla, and thanks for the memories of spring (at the moment, I find it impossible to imagine that the world might ever be green and warm again! ;)

Carla said...

Misfit - the pony looked quite happy where (s)he was, so I think your cats are safe :-)

Jen - the fairies must have been hiding :-) It is a beautiful area, isn't it? If ye get the weather ye canna beat it, as they say. Happy New Year to you!

Bernita - how romantic

Rick - amazing how fresh, bright green grass lifts the spirits, isn't it?

Constance - two ponies, this one had a friend higher up the hillside.

Gabriele - thanks. The Highlands gets under the skin, so I'm sure you'll be back! Love your snow pictures :-)

Alianore - Happy New Year! It does feel rather like Everlasting Winter just now, doesn't it?