27 May, 2008

Summer flowers

It's summer, and the sudden warmth coupled with rather a lot of rain has produced remarkably verdant growth in the fields and hedges. This field path was almost overgrown with drifts of buttercups. Very pretty, though unfortunately the path before and the path after were equally overgrown with rather less picturesque stinging nettles.

The horse chestnut trees sport magnificent displays of candelabra flowers

Close-up of horse chestnut flower

And the hedges are full of flowering hawthorn, also known as May blossom (for obvious reasons)

Close-up of May blossom

Although I always associate fungi with autumn rather than spring/summer, they seem to have got in on the act too judging from these gigantic specimens growing on a tree! That's an adult's hand in the photograph to give you a sense of scale. Just imagine the size of the mushroom omelette you could get out of that......


Anonymous said...

Hola Carla,
These are indeed very wonderful images of the summer season.
Best wishes from Brazil

Anonymous said...

these photos are heavenly!

University Place flowers

Bernita said...

Fresh mushed comfrey leaves sooth stinging nettle.

Russell Whitfield said...

Bah! It's raining here *lol*

Carla said...

Geraldo and Arlene - Hello and welcome! Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Bernita - I'm used to the paths, so I didn't get stung :-)

Russell - as it is here now, but it wasn't when I took the photos :-)