21 November, 2007

Autumn colours

Exotic-looking berries in a local hedgerow. I don't know what they are; anyone care to hazard a guess?

Woodland at sunset. The smaller trees and shrubs have mostly lost their leaves by now, but the oaks are still a lovely golden-brown colour.


Gabriele Campbell said...

No idea what the berries are, but they look pretty. :)

Maybe they're unhealthy in some way though, or the birds would have been at them, with so little berries left now.

Carla said...

Gabriele - the berries look sufficiently exotic that they might be poisonous, don't they? The fact they're untouched doesn't necessarily mean anything though, as there was a very heavy berry crop this year and there are still a lot of berries left for the birds. If I remember, I may go and look in a few weeks and see if anything has eaten the berries by then.

Bernita said...

They look vaguely familiar, but I wouldn't dare hazard a guess.

Kathryn Warner said...

Gorgeous colours! No clue on what the berries are, I'm afraid.

Carla said...

Bernita - yes, I keep thinking I ought to be able to put a name to them.

Alianore - a bright autumn day is a lovely sight, isn't it? How fortunate that trees discarding their waste products in the falling leaves should look so pretty :-)