02 August, 2006

Ingeld's Daughter reviewed

My novel Ingeld's Daughter has been reviewed by Joy Calderwood, webmistress of www.reviewers-choice.com. She likes it. I am so pleased.

Some quotes:

The pace rarely slackens in this extended adventure. Whenever the action slows down, there are colorful, well-rounded characters to keep our attention glued with their personal desires. Gyrdan is an impressive hero with many secrets; Irinya is movingly vulnerable, yet responsible and intelligent. Colorful people gather around them. The gorgeous Fastred attracts women like a magnet; he finds a mate who will take readers’ breaths away. Fastred’s servants, the caretaking Rose and adolescent Corin, have satisfying stories. Radwulf’s lords (it would be too much to call some of them “nobles”) have serious decisions to make: each of the leaders we know best must decide according to his own distinct reasons.

INGELD’S DAUGHTER is laced with humor. It may be satire, or clever wording, or something incongruous that ambushes us. An example is the viewpoint of the prisoners after the Battle of Eagle Crag, which kept tickling me until I finally cracked up. Laughter leavens these serious adventures and keeps us from succumbing to adrenaline excess.

You can read the full review here.

And another satisfied reader has had some nice things to say elsewhere.

I'm especially happy that they both commented on the humour. I miss humour when it's absent, and it's often in short supply in historical fiction. Very pleased that at least a couple of people have thought that mine works!

(Should you be tempted to take a look at Ingeld's Daughter yourself, the e-book is available free of charge from my website. Those who don't like reading on screen or printing out a PDF will find the paperback a couple of clicks away on Lulu at $17.50 (about £10 or Euros 14) plus shipping, which, last time I looked, was $3 to the US, and about £5 or Euros 8 to Europe.)


Susan Higginbotham said...

Nice reviews, Carla! Congrats!

Bernita said...

Someone with taste and acumen, obviously!

ali said...

That's great! They are obviously very intelligent people :).

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Wonderful Carla - well done!
I've known Joy for several years. We used to hang out together on an e-list called Medieval Reader and then we both moved on to other things. I suggested she join the HNS list, which she did. She's a very good book reviewer and something like Ingeld's Daughter would be just right for her I think.
I must admit I go for a leavening of humour too - both in reading and writing. I intend buying a copy of Ingeld's Daughter from Lulu - just got to get around to it. It's on the rung down from my TBR - the TBB (to be bought!!)but at the top of the TBB. I don't like reading at the PC and it's probably as cheap to buy at Lulu as to print out, given paper and ink costs, plus more durable and can be passed on to other readers.
Congrats again!

Gabriele Campbell said...

Yay, that's a nice one.

I've read some of Ingeld's Daughter online so far, but reading onscreen is no fun and it goes slowly. Wish I had the money to buy the book - well, maybe in October.

I'm just a tiny bit green because you can do humour well. ;)

Carla said...

You're all very kind.

Alex Bordessa said...

Well done on getting those positive comments :-) Can't wait to see your 7th century novel ...

Carla said...

Thanks, Alex