10 March, 2006


I now have a website at www.CarlaNayland.org, to house the more permanent items from the blog and my other writing. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.

And this poem Fable by John Ahearn made me smile this morning and may do the same for you.


Rick said...


ali said...

It looks great!

Bernita said...

Very clean and easy to read/follow, Carla.
And the verification begins with "hugs"!!!!

Carla said...

Good heavens, Blogger must be psychic :-) Thank you all.

Bernita said...

Carla, just read the first chapter.
With profound delight.
The reality of the beating, wounds, the characters, sketched, present and promised.
Got so caught up I started to rush it.
It is excellent.Professional. Camera ready.

Bernita said...

I want to add that if the rest is consistent with this chapter( which I do not doubt) it would be a story I would read over and over, to savour again and again.

Carla said...

Thank you very much, Bernita. I appreciate that. I believe the rest is consistent (it all came out of my head, so it should be) - I'll have the complete book up as a free e-book soon and then you'll be able to judge for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I came to praise "Ingeld's Daughter," but I can't say it any better than Bernita has already. An absolutely pitch-perfect beginning to what I know will be a smashing book. Thank you for posting it.

Carla said...

Thank you for reading it :-)

Gabriele Campbell said...

Oh, me likes. The characters are very intriguing, esp. Irinya and Gyrdan - not your average dashing hero and pretty heroine. Radwulf at first seemed a bit on the cruel and lewd cliché-side but he comes across as cunning in the trick with the 'suicide'. The only thing I wondered about is "Lady Alina" - she doesn't sound like a lady but like a whore.

The writing flows nicely, too.

Carla said...

Thank you, Gabriele, I hope you also like the rest of it. Regarding Alina - that's the intended image and 'lady' is a relative term.

Sarah Cuthbertson said...

Clear, professional-looking website. Plenty to interest a visitor. I'll visit often.

Chapter 1 of Ingeld's Daughter is very promising. Great narrative pace, exciting story, vivid descriptions, natural dialogue, neat touches of humour that actually work. Gyrdan and Irinya are satisfyingly 3D and unusual. Radwulf seems a bit of a cliche-baddie, but I suspect he may surprise us later.
Good blurb -- makes me want to read on.

I'd like to read on, I really would, but reading more than the equivalent of a 2-3 page magazine feature on a computer screen isn't a pleasurable experience for me. It's the jerky, slightly blurry effect of scrolling down, I think. I wouldn't enjoy reading even The Pickwick Papers or Sword at Sunset on a computer.

Which leads me to ask why you've decided to make the novel available this way? From Chapter 1 + blurb and background, I'd say it's good enough to be conventionally published. Maybe it's hard to pigeonhole (not quite historical fantasy, not straight HF) -- and conventional publishers do seem attached to their pigeonholes.

BTW, I tried to send this via your website comments facility but it wouldn't work with AOL.

Carla said...

You said it, Sarah - this doesn't fit a pigeonhole.

I'm in the process of converting the complete book into PDF format so it can be downloaded and printed out for people who don't like screen-reading, and I may also consider making it available as a paperback via Lulu if there seems to be enough interest. Once Lulu get their UK and European printing plants up and working there won't be the problem of international shipping charges from the US.

What exactly went wrong with the website comment page? It should show either an email address or an error message 'you need to enable javascript' or words to that effect. If you can tell me what happened I'll look at fixing it - you can email me via the address on my Blogger profile.