18 February, 2014

Snowdrop weekend at RSPB Flatford Wildlife Garden

Snowdrops at Flatford Wildlife Garden

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has a wildlife garden on the banks of the River Stour at Flatford. It aims to show how gardens can benefit wildlife and look beautiful at the same time. Details on the RSPB site here.
Map link: Flatford

Drift of snowdrops by the entrance gate

Snowdrops blossom in late February, a welcome sign of spring to come, and Flatford Wildlife Garden is holding a Snowdrop Weekend on 22-23 February 2014. As well as access to the garden, there will be plants for sale and activities such as seed planting. Details on the Events page at the website.
Snowdrops in a hazel coppice

Snowdrops flower early so that they can make full use of the sunlight shining on the woodland floor, before the leaves on shrubs and trees develop later in the season and cast shade.
Close-up of snowdrops

The snowdrops are not alone; other flowers such as violets are also starting to blossom for spring.
Sweet violets by the entrance gate


Kathryn Warner said...

Gorgeous! I love snowdrops. In German, by the way, they're called Schneeglöckchen, 'little snow bells' ;-)

Carla said...

'Little snow bells' - what a lovely name!

Constance Brewer said...

Pretty flowers. :) Especially when snow still covers the ground here.
Hurry, Spring!

J M Newsome said...

It seems it's a very good year for snowdrops. Lovely pictures, Carla. Thanks.

Carla said...

Constance - yes, I always lke to see the snowdrops. Along with the hazel catkins they're the first really obvious signs that spring is on its way. Some years they will push up through snow cover, but this year they haven't had to do that - it's been a winter of water rather than snow...

Julia - hello and welcome! I didn't know it was an especially good year for snwowdrops this year. Perhaps it's the mild winter; anything that managed not to drown has probably done all right.