29 June, 2011

Giveaway of Moon In Leo at Trifolium Books

Trifolium Books UK are running a giveaway of the e-book of Moon In Leo by Kathleen Herbert (reviewed here last month) for today, 29 June, only. This is the anniversary of the day when Kathleen, debilitated from a stroke, gave the draft of Moon In Leo to Connie Jensen in two carrier bags. Connie and Mike Jensen at Trifolium edited the draft into final form, and then published it in print and e-book.

Giveaway open to anyone on the planet for 24 hours only, until midnight UK time today. Simply go to the Smashwords page for Moon In Leo, select the e-book format of your choice (Kindle, Epub, etc), and enter the free coupon code posted by Connie Jensen on the Trifolium Books blog to download the e-book for free. Instructions, link and coupon code are now up on the Trifolium Books blog here.

While you're there, you might like to have a look at Connie's charming little short story for children, Farmer Ted's Easy Day, available free of charge all the time.


Jeff Rivera said...

Wow, thanks a lot! This is good stuff especially with the freebie short story for kids which is going to be great for my nephew!

Laurence Brown said...

Wow! Got the Code on Trifolium Books blog, my kids are going to love this.. Thank you!

Carla said...

Jeff, Laurence - Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy the novel and short story.
Laurence - Farmer Ted's Easy Day is specifically for children, Moon In Leo is adult fiction.