02 March, 2010

Not just pretty feathers (2)

The resident pheasant, who learned in the winter snow to flap up to the bird table and unhook the string on the hanging fat cake so he could eat it on the ground (see earlier post), has remembered his new skill for well over a month. Here he is on a brighter day tucking in to his ill-gotten gains.

On a brighter note still, the crocuses are out at long last.


Constance Brewer said...

No flowers here yet, just the ugly stuff that comes out when the snow melts, and one confused robin who seems to be some sort of advanced scout for the masses. :)

Carla said...

Maybe the robin is looking for first pick of the nesting territories for the season? Are American robins as territorial as British ones? Ours even squabble in the winter when you'd think they'd need to conserve all their energy for feeding.

Bernita said...

We won't see crocuses for another month.

Constance Brewer said...

If he's planning on staking out a nesting spot around my house, I object. He's loud. I haven't really seen the territoriality from the robins, but I haven't been watching them. Now I'll have to notice more and see.

Meghan said...

More lovely pictures! These are so charming.

Gabriele Campbell said...

Lol, that pheasant should be careful. One day Carla may decided it would look yummy roasted and with taters. :)

No crocuses yet, but the snowdrops are finally showing.

Carla said...

Bernita - apologies

Constance - in that case, I hope he moves out into the wide open spaces where you can't hear him :-)

Meghan- thanks!

Gabriele - he's fairly safe from me, unless he starts scratching up the vegetable garden :-)