15 July, 2009

Nan Hawthorne, new blog

I have been asked by Nan Hawthorne to announce that the original stories, letters and drawings that formed the basis for her novel An Involuntary King are now available on a new blog.

The stories were written by Nan and her best friend between 1964 and 1970, when Nan was aged 12 to 17, and have a charm all their own. Nan says of them, "They are fun to read, but they should also interest anyone who encourages young people to stir their imaginations".


Rick said...

Wow - even though in the end a novel did result, it takes some courage to post, decades later, stuff she wrote in her teens!

Kit moss said...

Thanks, Carla. I am almost done with posting the old stories, but plan to post all the ones I wrote even before deciding to turn them into a novel back in 2006 and 2007.

I hope everyone gets a kick out of this view into a couple teens who loved Donovan's song, "Guinevere" when it was first out!


Carla said...

Nan - you're welcome!

Rick - agreed!

Kit moss said...

I guess I'm just a comedian at heart!


Kit moss said...

P.S. The novel is much better.