11 January, 2009

Winter walk

A friendly robin hoping for crumbs (yes, of course we obliged).

Snow lingering on the path. The gorse is still in flower, even in the middle of winter. There's a country saying, "When gorse is out of flower, kissing is out of fashion."

We weren't the only creatures using the path. Pheasant tracks in the snow.

Frozen pool in a reedbed.

Hoar frost on sage plant. (For really impressive pictures of hoar frost, see Gabriele's Winter Wonderland post)


Alianore said...

Happy (belated) new year, Carla!

Love the pics, especially the fat little robin and the peasant tracks.

Alianore said...

Oops, that should be *pheasant* tracks, obviously. :-)

Gabriele C. said...

Love the robin.

And thanks for the link.

Constance said...

Nice to see what your robins look like. :) I'd post winter pictures... but we generally have a foot of snow covering everything - maybe I could just describe the snow covered lumps to you! (That's a bush, that's a car, that's a small child that didn't move fast enough...)

Lady D. said...

You obviously live in a beautiful place. The pic of the robin is wonderful - just like a Christmas card!

Alianore - love the 'peasant' tracks lol!

Carla said...

Thanks all! It was very obliging of the robin to pose for photographs.