25 April, 2006

Ingeld's Daughter - update on Lulu shipping charges

Those of you outside the US who expressed interest in buying the paperback of Ingeld's Daughter but were put off by the cost of international shipping may like to know that Lulu is presently running a promotional offer of free shipping on any order of at least $25 (approximately 21 Euros, £15, or Can$29).

So if you can find something else that takes your fancy, or get together with a friend and put in a combined order, shipping is FREE. Poddy Girl recently recommended a time-travel thriller, a short story collection, a crime novel, and a humorous literary novel. Sarah Johnson mentioned the historical novels of Dee Morrison Meaney, which include a trilogy set in 11th-century England, a retelling of the story of Iseult and Tristan of Lyonesse set in Arthurian Cornwall, and a tale set in early Ireland. Lulu also do calendars, music and DVDs as well as books.

Lulu haven't said how long the free shipping offer will last, but it's already on borrowed time (it was supposed to end in early April), so it's unlikely to be long. If you want to make use of it, catch it while you can.


Kathryn Warner said...

Hi Carla, thanks for your suggestion about my last blog post - you're right, re-organising it might be a good idea. I'd still love to hear any comments you have on it!

On-topic, I've added 'Ingeld's Daughter' to my 'must-read' list!

Carla said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it, and please tell me what you think - good, bad or indifferent, all comments are welcomed and valued.

I think you can probably split your post up on Blogger without losing any of the comments you've got so far, if you want to. I'm reading my way through it slowly! I was thinking it would make rather a nice blog series, sort of 'Earl of the Week', and when you finish the earls you can go on to their ladies.